A city has big locational advantages, we hear frequently. 

We have tried to get to the bottom of it as regards the location Castletownbere in Ireland. We looked at the advantages and disadvantages of cities like Dublin or Berlin and compared them to those of a small town like Castletownbere in terms of living and working conditions. With stunning results:

Castletownbere and

Advantages of the location:

1st extraordinary conditions as regards favorable working spaces in the form of action-share offices with flexible working environments, conference room, and creative centre with video wall, a share secretary's office and reception area, workshop room, relaxation room, kitchen for business dinners, cafeteria, gallery. Ultimatively safe individual server capacities, very fast broadband and individual WiFi all over in the house.

To provide sustenance, we have set up a Good things market in the house providing oven-baked Italian food, a mini bakehouse with bread and cake specialities, HotPan with risottos, meatballs and currywurst, FishBite with unique fish specialities, LunchBox saladette, bar with juices, wines, icecreams ..., and last but not least a Saturday's night DISCO 

2nd attractive jobs in promising projects

 Find here descriptions of the products and projects.

3rd Centrality of the work (in the middle of the town)

4th Short distances to work and recreational activities

5th Very good infrastructure of both location and surroundings: pubs, restaurants, cafés, hair-dressers, big supermarket, shops, library, galleries, leisure activities around: riding, sailing, canoeing, rowing, bathing/swimming (short distances to beaches - Castletownbere is situated on the oceanfront/Atlantic), playing golf, cycling, walking in a fantastic landscape, a meditation centre is in the neighborhood (Buddhist Centre), Yoga workshops, a film club, theatre groups, live music, an indoor swimming pool at approx. 30 mins distance

6th Good public transport connection (bus) to Cork City and towns in the neighborhood. Short travel time (approx. 1 1/2 hrs by car to Cork City). Marina for sailors and pleasure craft (deep water port)

7th Many hostels, hotels, and B&Bs

8th Affordable housing options

Possible disadvantages:

1st The frequency of cultural events and shopping possibilities is not as big as it'd be in a city

2nd transport connections are less extensive (busses, trains)

3rd no city flair (what is it really?)

4th The range of goods is smaller

5th lower spending capacity

For items 4 and 5, the choice of possibilities we offer via virtual iLive of our big-size video wall will balance that out a bit.

Here you can find us

in comparison Cities

Advantages of the location:

1st Variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops (good shopping possibilities)

2nd Variety of cultural events (theatre, opera, cinema, museums, galleries)

3rd Very good transport connections by bus and train

4th indoor swimming pools 

5th Availability of hostels, hotels, and B&Bs

6th City flair

7th bigger spending capacity

8th Big range of goods 


1st In the inner-city areas, the quantity of residential property, housing spaces lessens, rents are not affordable any longer. That's why people have to live on the fringes of the cities. But even here, rents are relatively high (one room in a shared apartment €300 to €500)

2nd That implies long access routes downtown and to work (1.5 to 3 hrs is normal)

3rd Extremely expensive rents of office spaces and services

4th Creation of a new circle of friends and a good neighborly relationship is more difficult than in a small community.

5th Air pollution (bad for health)

6th permanently high noise level (stress)

7th Problems with parking spaces (expensive)

8th Variety of hostels, hotels, and B&Bs bigger, but more expensive compared to smaller town

9th Partly bad and low-paid working conditions, not so good career and profiling opportunities 

10th Good jobs in cities are hard to be found

11th Leisure-time activities such as riding, sailing, canoeing, rowing, bathing/swimming (incl. long access routes), walking in fantastic landscapes, playing golf, cycling, can NOT or hardly be realized (long access routes).

12th very high crime rate, ever-increasing. criminality.


Polls showed that most of opinions about location advantages of cities are a bit vague. If looking at them in greater detail, most of them do not really apply to most individuals and are thus of no consequence related to the disadvantages.  

Moreover, we think that life in the cities will become more inhospitable in the future (increasing amount of crime, pollution of air etc.) while living and working outside towns and cities becomes more and more attractive due to new traffic concepts like self-driving cars etc.

Life quality in a small region like Castletownbere with a good infrastructure nestled into a fantastic landscape is considerably higher than one in a big city. E.g. there are nearly no crimes in CTB. But whoever needs the vicinity of a city now and then, will be there in one and a half hours (Cork City). 

It does not matter where you are, it matters what you do at the place you are. Because wherever you are is the centre of the world to you.